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    Tackling Career Blockers for Game day Success…

    Have you ever thought about who you will be a year from now?  Or in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?  Will you be celebrating Game Day success?

    Is the image one of a confident, successful, healthy professional who enjoys financial and career prestige and who is respected by your peers?  Do you see yourself as being a leader or solid presenter and upwardly mobile?

    If you don’t, why not?  Most often, our attitudes and our vision is obscured by career blocks – some we know about and most we haven’t really thought through (and some we don’t even know about.)

    We all have them… but for Game day Success with your career, and your life, you need to Tackle your Career Blockers.  See the page “Three Levels of Blockers” for more details.  Once you realize that Career Blockers limit your success (especially those you don’t even know about!) you can start achieving.  We’re here to help you!

    Tackling Career Blockers

    The first step to success is taking action by realizing that your Game Day success is possible!

    If you follow sports or culture or business, you know that raw talent becomes a winner with the right coaching, practice, training and the right mindset.  If you’ve got the aptitude (the vision) and the drive, all you need to do is take action and start training.

    Every athlete knows that Game day success is more than accidental – it takes POWER (my acronym for Predisposition, Outlook, Wherewithal, Evaluation, and Resources) to move from practice to solid wins!

    Training and Coaching for Success

    I’m a successful software consulting director, professional speaker (30+ countries,) mother, and happy professional, and I’d like to share my secrets for success gained from over 25 years in the business, project management and IT (Information Technology) world.  Blockers come in many forms (background, experience, culture, situations, age, etc.) and it matters not how they got there, but how you can tackle and remove them from your path.

    Here’s a few areas where we can work together through training, mentoring and coaching to maximize your team’s and your career success:

    • MAXIMIZING TEAM PERFORMANCE:   By workshops that teach you/your team how to thrive together with effective cultural awareness, project management, respect, emotional intelligence and solid communication.  Winning teams love working together – we can coach your team to success (especially technical teams!)  I’ve taught for Veterans Affairs in their Federal Acquisition College (FAC) and seen the gains that can be made when teams fully function as a cohesive unit.
    • COMMUNICATION:  A to Z’s of Communication for Technical Professionals:  Technical pro’s seldom have the chance to take formal communication workshops and truly succeed at communication.  These workshops take on all forms of communication from effective texting, email, print, social media, video conferencing, webinars, etc. to maximize the results from your messages.
    • POWERFUL PRESENTATION SKILLS:  Through training and practice you’ll become proficient in skills that communication leaders and professional speakers use from the platform every day. I’ve presented and taught in over 30 countries on scores of technical and non-technical topics – I’ll teach you tips and techniques to propel you to confidence and creativity when you present.
    • LEADERSHIP:  Anyone who works with others needs leadership training to effectively lead in some roles and follow in others.  These workshops  provide any emerging leaders with fine tuning of your raw talent so that you can become confident and cognizant no matter what situation you are in.
    • PROJECT MANAGEMENT 101:  These workshops introduce a structured way of managing projects in any industry and are based on leading project management best practices (such as the PMBOK(R) from the Project Management Institute.)  Even the most non-technical professionals gain insights that save time and gain a competitive edge with basic project management skills.
    • THRIVING IN A MALE-DOMINATED WORLD: Depersonalizing and empathy are two of the touchpoints for this workshop and line of coaching.  New and mature  female professionals gain solid survival and thriving skills that benefit all aspects of life.
    • ACHIEVING THE PERFECT WORK LIFE BALANCE FOR BUSY PROFESSIONALS:  This workshop is ideal for anyone with a family/spouse/pets/themselves who find it challenging to fit everything into their over burdened days.  We explore attitudes, priority setting, the oxygen mask challenge and other approaches that will leave you refreshed and motivated to achieve more in less time.
    • MEASUREMENT FOR PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: Structured workshops that embrace the GQM method for measurement success.  Winning teams need to keep the (right) score and our workshops show you how to do that!


    Incredible how time flies…

    It’s been a few months since I updated this page (way too many!) and life continues to amaze and excite!  Welcome to my website – and to my associated blog (see the right hand blog feed.)  It is with gratitude and a zest for life that I write, speak and share my journey of happiness in exploring the best things in life.  I encourage you to explore this site, read the blog posts, comment, and hopefully work with me to inspire your staff and professionals to become their very best!

    As a professional speaker and software measurement and technology expert, I can work with you to transform your technical professionals into great communicators who are confident, articulate, and effective at their jobs.  A motivated and confident workforce can change the world!  What do you think?

    Wishing you the best that 2013 can offer!


    2010 was a Fabulous Year and 2011 is Stellar!

    It is just a few days prior to the start of the new year 2011 – but already I know that 2011 will be a stellar year!  As a self-fulfilling prophecy, I will be updating this post throughout the year with how stellar 2011 has become!

    I wish you a great 2011 ahead, and hope that our paths may cross somewhere in the world this year.

    Review of Carol Dekkers’ 2010 Keynote Presentations:

    2010 was a fabulous year speaking-wise as Carol delivered keynote presentations on Technology, Project Management, and Measurement to a variety of audiences across the globe including:Carol Dekkers IPMA Istanbul

    • Istanbul, Turkey – International Project Management Association Global Congress.  Topic: Project Scope – Lead, follow or get out of the way
    • Copenhagen, Denmark – Technology conferences and workshops. Topic: Project Scope – Lead, follow or get out of the way.  Also delivered a workshop on maximizing returns on software metrics.
    • Sao, Paulo, Brazil – International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) IPMA congress. Topic: To Benchmark or not to Benchmark – Shakespeare’s advice about software measurement
    • Chicago, IL – Quality Assurance Institute QUEST Global Quality Congress. Topic: northernSCOPE – a 12 step project recovery approach
    • Tokyo, Japan – JFPUG workshop. Topic: Scope management – improvements on software development and quality

    Carol Dekkers at ISMA

    Contact us (email or click on the page link above to query about Carol’s availability for your upcoming 2011 event.  We guarantee it will be a great experience for all your attendees!


    Carol DekkersCarol Dekkers is an expert at “demystifying” technology – in other words translating highly technical software engineering subjects into easy to understand language. She has been a U.S. delegate to ISO software engineering standards since 1994, and has spoken in over 25 countries.

    Carol is a dynamic speaker and prolific writer and speaks frequently at international software and quality conferences.

    She is also a qualified PMP certified instructor whose presentation skills have been chosen by clients both in the U.S. and Canada as well as Europe and Asia.  She specializes in knowledge transfer in the following areas:

    • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R) Guide) version 4
    • Scope Management (northernSCOPE(TM)
    • Software and systems measurement (function points)
    • Communication for Project Managers and Technical Professionals
    • Transforming business requirements into feasible software solutions
    • Technology transfer topics

    For further information and to hire Carol as your keynote speaker or knowledge transfer specialist, contact Carol Dekkers by email:

    Visit the About Carol Dekkers page for further details.