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    Career Blockers

    Three Levels of Career Blockers:

    In any career, no matter how successful, there are three major levels that block success:

    • icebergKnown Knowns – Visible, above the surface. – these are the obvious blockers – areas where we know something but are not completely proficient.  Leadership training, public speaking, training in communication and emotional intelligence can remove these blocks quickly and easily.
    • Known Unknowns – Partially obscured, just at the surface. – this area is where we what we know we don’t know; we don’t have proficiency but we are aware that the blockers exist.
    • Unknown Unknowns – Beneath the surface, lurking, hidden in darkness. – these areas are different for every person and team, but represent the topics and knowledge that one doesn’t even know exist.  For example, you may have never heard of Emotional Intelligence or its value – these blockers have the biggest potential to sabotage your game because you don’t even know they exist.

    How to tackle the blockers for game day success?  The first step is identification (we can help you with that,) then having a solid training and practice plan for removing those blockers that limit your success.

    Soon you and your team will be on the road to victory!

    Contact us for more details, and for a free consultation to discuss options for you or your team.